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Exotic Smokes Cigarette Company Outline Proposal

Exotic Smokes Cigarette Company Outline Proposal
Exotic Smokes Cigarette Company has acquired services from TRIAAD Research Group to conduct an in-depth study of consumer behavior to analyze the market for their new flavored cigarettes. The outline includes consumer behavior, needs, and desire for fruit and candy flavored cigarettes. The company wants to target 18-to 25- years-old customers and implementing$25 million dollar advertising campaign. I. Introduction

a. Competition
i. Marlboro, Winston, Mild Seven, LM, and Kent.
b. Target Market
ii. 18- to 25- year- olds
1. Early adaptors, smokers, and people who enjoy cigarettes c. Current Consumer Perceptions
iii. Smokers and non-smokers
iv. Public Education and Community
II. Project Definition
d. Marketing Strategies
v. Distribution strategy, pricing strategy, package design, events, promotions, and specific product characteristics III. Program Objective
e. Connection between research and marketing strategies vi. Applying results of research to marketing strategies 2. Where, how, when, what, and other associations to market. f. Knowledge structures influence consumer behavior and their decision making process vii. Using research to find out smokers and potential smoker’s thoughts, feelings, experiences with flavor cigarettes and the company’s brand to determine their decision making process. IV. Scope

g. Research
viii. Geographical Parameters
3. Where there are more smokers, socially accepted locations for smokers, area of interests, and age requirements for smokers. ix. Customer Groups and Market Segments
4. Smokers, trendsetters, social events, celebrities, after hour events, and etc. The consumer behavior proposal analyzes the market for Exotic Smokes...
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