Outline: Marketing Plan

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  • Published : January 31, 2013
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Executive Summary
Although this topic appears first in the plan, you normally write it last. Wait until you're almost done so you can include the main highlights. This summary needs to be able to stand alone as a synopsis of the plan’s main goals and recommendations. Assume that this is the only section of the plan that might be read by senior management. Keep it short, specific, and factual. The summary should be approximately 1 to 1½ pages long.

Table of Contents
1. Situation Analysis
1. Product (or Service) Offering
2. Market Summary
1. Market Demographics
2. Market Geographics
3. Market Psychographics
4. Market Behaviors
5. Market Needs
6. Market Trends
7. Market Growth
3. Competition
4. SWOT Analysis
5. Financial Objectives
6. Marketing Objectives
7. Marketing Strategy
1. Target Markets
2. Positioning
3. Marketing Mix
1. Product
2. Service
3. Price
4. Promotion
5. Channels of Distribution
4. Marketing Research
8. Financials
1. Break-even Analysis
2. Sales Forecast
3. Expense Forecast
4. Contribution Margin
9. Controls
1. Implementation
2. Marketing Budget
3. Contingency Planning
10. List of References
11. Appendix
Description of each section and examples...

1. Situation Analysis
This first paragraph is a summary paragraph, addressing the key points that describe your current situation.

1. Product (or Service) Offering
List and describe the product(s)/service(s) your company offers. For each business offering, cover the main points including what the product is, what sorts of customers make purchases, and why. Normally a marketing plan is not written for people outside the company, so you don't need to describe the product/service as if you were developing sales literature or collaterals.

Willamette offers very high quality office furniture designed to effectively incorporate computer machinery into the executive office or home office. The key to the line is an ergonomically effective desk that still looks like an executive desk and looks very good in a high-end office, but is intended to accommodate the personal computer. Each piece is available in either oak or cherry. 1. The main product line is the Willamette computer desk in several versions. This desk is an elegant piece of office furniture designed to look good in either an executive office or a home office. At the same time, it is ideal for real use of the computer. The two critical elements of ergonomics -- keyboard height and angle, and monitor height and angle -- are completely adjustable. Cable runs and shelving add to the utility of the executive desk, without sacrificing elegance. 2. Complementary pieces are available to fill out the office suite, including file cabinets, printer stands, and bookcases. 3. Custom designs can also be created to fit exact measurements.

2. Market Summary
This section is a simple summary about your market. Assume that these few paragraphs might be the only part of the analysis that somebody reads, so you need it to concisely summarize the rest of this section.

(Source: Mintel Reports Dining Out Review: Volume II - Casual/Family Restaurants - US - July 2004)

This report examines full-service family and casual restaurants in the US. Full service restaurants are defined as establishments where food is ordered at the table and is paid for at the end of the meal. The report focuses on chains with systemwide sales exceeding $10 million annually. As a result of the focus on large chains, the report primarily covers family and casual chains. Independent restaurants are discussed only in relation to chain restaurants when applicable.

The family and casual restaurant market is comprised of the following segments:...
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