Outline Mandating School Uniforms

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  • Published : October 10, 2008
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Outline for mandating school uniforms

jane pusecker

I. Introduction

School uniforms have been a major issue to the school systems for many years. In the last forty years, public education has seen many changes in school dress styles.

B Many private and public schools have adopted a uniform policy, but other schools do not believe uniforms make a difference.

C In most present day public schools, students are permitted to choose what they wear with limited restraints. As most school Districts allow the students this freedom,

The public as a panacea for the ills of society views the Schools. Schools are expected to solve America’s entire Social, economic, and political problems.

California, Became the first public school system in the country in 1995 To require grammar schools and some high schools to wear uniforms

However many parents across the united states feel that mandating school uniforms is a violation of self-expression at the same time many schools feel that uniforms will be a benefit because

When students have continuous negative experiences in school, dropping out and Delinquency tends to be the common responses. The role of schools is to provide a positive, Safe and secure learning environment where students feel protected enough to explore and Develop their intellectual and social competencies. Hard evidence that proves the wearing of Uniforms provides a direct link to better academic achievement is not conclusive,

There is evidence that supports there are fewer discipline problems/referrals and violence as Well as higher attendance rates since the implementation of a uniform policy. What appears? To have been overlooked in the data analysis is the effect of other programs that are often Being implemented at the same time as the uniform policy and may also have a direct impact On the discipline and attendance issues. There are many arguments for and against school Uniform policies....
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