Outline: Law and Topic Sentence

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  • Published : October 31, 2012
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Topic: Review your brainstorming ideas and freewriting exercise. Then use the chart to write an outline for an argumentative essay about whether or not you think it should be legal to download or share copyrighted material from the internet.


Hook: Copyright issues for the online materials have become a common law to many countries all over the world in recent years.

Background information: Finding information on the Internet is becoming simpler and simpler with the development of high – tech powerful. Only with a click you can download any information you want without losing too much time. This has a negative effect on intellectual property issues.

Thesis statement: I agree with the policy of applying law for downloading or sharing copyrighted material from the internet for the following reasons.


Topic sentence: The policy will help to limit in violation of copyright and protect producers

Supporting details: There are many documents to be shared on the network, from formal to informal; we can easily get it without paying an expense. This leads to counterfeiting, imitating even distorting. Not only the author but also reader is influenced not good because of this. Applying law for downloading or sharing copyrighted material from the internet is a way to solve this problem.


Topic sentence: It encourages the entertainment industry to develop

Supporting details: In some countries, It is required that you must pay a certain fee to download something. This provides a significant income for producers, helps them to continue developing their other projects in the future.


Topic sentence: It provides significant revenue from the tax to enrich countries

Supporting details: After charging a fee of users the producer will have to contribute a certain percentage which called tax for government. This tax will be used to develop economy and society.

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