Outline: Internet and Social Media

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  • Published : May 21, 2012
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Chan Alexander
Speech 12
Persuasive Speech Outline
Topic: Downsides to social networking
General Purpose: To persuade
Specific Purpose: To persuade the audience not to be too absorbed in social media. I. Introduction
A. Story of how I spent a whole half hour to 45 minutes at the beach with my friends in silence because we were on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media outlets. B. Question if people knew that almost everyone’s address and phone number are on the web as public information somewhere.

Transition: So what is social networking?

II. Body
A. Background information
1. It's the way the 21st century communicates today.
2. Different types of social media.
3. More than 500 million active people on Facebook alone. B. Why the interests in social media
1. The “major reason” given by six of every 10 users of Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. And half of the people surveyed said the ability to reconnect with old friends played a “significant role” in using social networking. 2. 11 percent of Twitter users said the major reason they used the micro blogging service was to follow celebrities or politicians. 3. People ages 50 to 64 were more likely to use social networking sites to connect to others with a common hobby or interest. 4. to share and communicate with friends and family who are already key social ties 5. Even finding a romantic partner

Transition: These are all great and valid reasons to engage in social media, but. C. There are downsides
1. Addiction to social networking
a. You see people just on their phones during dinner/ events/ movies and it seems like they never stop i. Eventually it seems as if it just takes over their lives. b. If this trend continues most people won’t even know how to hold real conversations. (this might already be a problem) c. People often misconstrue real problems with “social media” problems i. People are now more concerned with...
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