Outline Inequalities in a Street You Know

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  • Published : July 17, 2011
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Drawing on what you have learned about City Road, outline some of the inequalities on a street that you know.

After looking at the differences and inequalities of City Road in Cardiff, I am going to discuss some I have observed on a street that I am familiar with. I am discussing King Street in Thetford. Thetford is home to a long and compelling history with Queen Boudicca being the first, most historical figure. It is the birthplace of Thomas Paine and known for manufacturing Charles Burrell’s steam traction engines in the 1800s. Thetford was once a thriving market and industry town and was the main coach stop on the route to London. Dad’s Army was filmed here and in the 1950s had an influx of residence described as the ‘overspill’ from London; which has led to a considerable growth in the town and is an example of how society is re-made. Thetford starts with the Bell Hotel at the bottom of King Street, as you move up the street you come to the older shops. Some are boarded up and the area looks run down constantly changing into different pound shops and charity shops; which have arrived mostly due to social demands. The top end of the street opens out into the market square and is used for parking except on market days. Historically people were hung here and plaques show the names of those who had committed crimes; historian Peter Finch (Making Social Lives DVD) shows where this happened on City Road. Thetford is now classed as an area of social deprivation with high unemployment rate and King Street reflects this; there is nothing to attract the more affluent shoppers and in contrast to City Road it is smaller. There are no longer independent family run businesses; there was once a green grocers/florist, butchers, small newsagents and family run opticians. These have all suffered within the past few years as we have seen them close down one by one, partly due to the large Tesco store that is open 24 hours and the public not having money to spend....
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