Outline How Material Things on City Road Favour the Activities of Some Groups of People over Others

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Material things on city road favour the activities of some groups of people over others. I have outlined three specific things on city road that I will be talking about and the different groups of people if favours over others. Firstly there is the Auto trader newsagents, it first opened its doors in the 1930's and has been a family run business since then, and there is the Taste buds cafe, which is the longest established café. Also the Macintosh centre.

The Auto trader newsagents first opened its doors in the 1930's it is a family run business and the present owner has been working there since 1965, and before that his father ran the newsagents. The shop will favour people shopping for general every day items, also people from the local area who know its there and wanting to keep small local businesses alive. It wouldn't favour people who were on low incomes as there is a Tesco that has opened just 2 blocks away. This has not helped the business of the newsagents and has lowered the sales. 25 years ago a Spar shop opened up close to the Auto trader but that didn't make much difference to the shop. There are not many children in this area and those who do shop here don't seem to use traditional toys. (the street, 2009, scene 3 ) The ethnic minority would not be favoured with this local shop as it wouldn't sell the specific food groups that they may be looking for, also families and students who would be looking for cheaper alternative to local products. The Taste buds cafe is the longest established cafe on City road, they cater for lots of different tastes so will favour people from all different backgrounds. They specially cater for old people, they do this by keeping their prices low and creating a safe environment and providing a community centre. Making and repairing a society through creating a scene of community. (the street, 2009, scene 3 ) This would also favour families with and people in a lower income, but wouldn't favour people without a...
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