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Obesity, Dieting, Nutrition

Title:A Successful Approach to Weight Loss
Purpose: To inform audience of a successful approach to weight loss and maintenance thereof Thesis:Weight loss is a process consisting of dieting, exercising, and changing lifestyles. I.Introduction

A.National obesity statistics and what they could impact 1.Obesity in children, as well as adults, up to epidemic levels (statistics) 2.Many diseases resultant from excess weight

b.Heart problems
c.Low self-esteem
d.Lethargy (Lack of energy)
B. Thesis
A. Several ways to become Educated about Nutrition
1.Possible class on nutrition
a.Community center
2. Information from physician
3.Library or Internet research
4.Organizations such as Weight Watchers
B.Learn how to read labels
C.Make a week’s long menu
1.Prepare a shopping list
2.Plan to spend some time in the grocery store
3.Avoid impulse buys
a.Box or convenience foods
b.High sugar products such as sugary cereal
III.Exercise Program
A.Importance of exercise in losing weight
B.Process of choosing right program
1.Time Available
2.Cost of program
a.Professional/ or individualized plan at a gym
b.A plan that can be accomplished by oneself
IV.Lifestyle Change
A.Commitment to new goals
B.Avoidance of anything associated with old habits
1.Find a substitute way of celebrating
2.Find a substitute outlet for stress
A.Summary of benefits
B.Restatement of thesis
3.Lifestyle changes
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