Outline for Speech Class

Topics: LexisNexis, Jackson, Tennessee Pages: 2 (364 words) Published: July 11, 2013
Task 2A

1. List three topics you have considered for your informative speech. The Importance of a Healthy Diet
The Importance of Education
The Triangle Trade

2. Name the topic you selected and explain why this is your choice. I selected the importance of education. I chose this topic because education is something that is very important and a topic I don’t take lightly. The importance of education needs to be in the minds of every young student. 3.      From the JSCC databases, list three sources of information for this selected topic.  Include here: * ♣the name of the particular database, (JStor, Health and Wellness Resource Center, CQ Researcher, etc) 1. JStor

2. Index to Jackson Sun
3. Lexis Nexis
* ♣name(s) of the author
1. Irving Lazar, Richard Darlington, Harry Murray, Jacqueline Royce, Ann Snipper and Craig T. Ramey 2. Peter Watson
3. NA (no author)

* ♣title of the article
1. Lasting Effects of Early Education: A Report from the Consortium for Longitudinal Studies 2. Education is the most important investment we can make in the future 3. 'People's Daily' on Importance of Education

* ♣title of the journal or magazine
1. Monographs of the Society for Research in Child Development 2. The Jackson Sun
3. BBC Summary of World Broadcasts
* ♣the date the article was published
1. 1982
2. September 12, 2004
3. December 3, 1980
4.      Describe the relationship between your audience and your topic.  Consider how much they know about the topic, their level of interest, their need to know, etc. The relationship between my audience and my topic is essential. Everybody needs some form of education; whether one knows a trade or becomes a doctor, everybody needs to know how to do something. An individual that does not have some form of education will not be able to advance himself or herself. Education plays a major play in the world, and is something everyone...
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