Outline for Leadership

Topics: Conflict, Problem solving, Management Pages: 2 (426 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Anh’s Outline of Managing Conflict in the Workplace Group Presentation

* Slide 5 to explain the Rahim’s Meta Model and its role in managing conflicts. * Slide 6 to explain the case study in details by giving the overall background of the study, the problem, causes and the climax of the story. (with further analysis on contingency approach and proposed solutions by other group members: Roxanne, Fang)

1. Attention-hooker: there are many situations in the workplace that may break or make a team. What will you do in these situations? 2. Central idea: how managing a team wisely and effienciently can encourage team bonding and problem solving. 3. How topic relates to audience: a small case study on two friends working in the same company and how workplace conflict develops due to work promotion.

Slide 5 Rahim’s Metal Model details
* There is no single best way to manage conflicts
* Rahim’s meta model a further and more developed theory that is adapted from previous studies. (Roxanne related) * Integrating
* Sticking to one’s own idea while staying open to further opinion and comments in order to improve. * Obliging
* Giving up one’s idea in order to benefit larger purposes (group’s idea) * To avoid conflicts and arguments
* Compromising
* A mix between integrating and obliging
Slide 6 Case Study
1. Main point: two friends, A and B have been working with each other at a local newspaper company. a. Causes: when the existing manager leaves the company, A is promoted but still shares office with the rest of the team. b. Climax: A decides to implement a new policy but team members don't agree because new implementation = more work. c. Problem: A is the leader and B the follower but B diagrees with A in the implementation. i. Friendship between A and B is damaged.

ii. Solution: how to get their relationship back to before? 2. Sub point:...
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