Outline for History Essay

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  • Published : March 18, 2011
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1619 Jamestown settlers entitled to same rights asEnglishmen in England) House of Burgesses ' Representative Assembly protect liberties of settlers First Africans arrive -20 African slaves arrive from the Dutchslaves? Status is ambiguous since slavery as a legal institution does not exist in England or English The Northwest Ordinance, 1787 Township System, 60,000 people req b4statehood Northwest Ordinance ArticlesFreedom Religion Trial by Jury State EqualityBan on Slavery possesions The Kansas ' Nebraska Act and the Birth of the Republican Party Douglass introduced Kansas Nebraska Bill Organized the territory by establishing a territorial government Repealed the Missouri Compromise Popular Sovereignty used to determine slavery issue Why would a northerner introduce this legislation? Railroad from Chicago through the territory Hopes for the presidency Insensitive to slavery expansion issue in the north Constitution 3/5 comp. slaves toward reps for HoR, owners vote 4 slaves, balance of power FugitiveSlaveClause1793 denied from claiming const rights 0 justy by trial, no proof of “free’ 0 help to escaped fug, mothers, child, led to underground railrd 1st attmpt2balancerightsofpersonallib&prop Miss Comp Miss wanted slaves, StatehoodAdmissionBill-New York senator, added amendment 2 make it free Southofshouthern borderline of miss will be admit as slave. Draw a line betwn free and slave states Not coming in/ Polk wins. TX is slave USMEXICANWAR Polk intentionally provokes war by sending armyintoTX(GenTaylor) Take Ca,Az,Nm,Col,Ut, If the territory in the north is limited, south is not a slave state for any new ones. WilmotProvisior Admit into union the decide on status, mexi illegal slavery sowin,led to new fugitive slave law.everyNstatewillhave2fedjud Tojudgeslavesbroughtthothem.denied fugitive trial by jury. 5forfree,10forreturned.Texassellslandfor10million.usedtopay...
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