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  • Published : August 31, 2010
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When we mention “BRAND”, the names that come to our minds would be like Apple, IBM, Infosys, Tata, Addidas, Nike, BOSE, GUCCI, PRADA, and the likes of these. They are brands because they have created a unique name for themselves in their respective segments. When we say “Branding” it means creating an impression, an impression that lasts positively on the mind of the consumer. The important ingredients of creating this impression would be an all-encompassing collection of business principles, business strategy, sales, customer relations, appearance, attitude, products, services, advertising, copywriting, Web site design, brochures… your entire company. It’s a mix of both science and art. Creativity strengthens and enlivens brand. But the science of branding is equally important. One such brand that attracted me is Walt Disney Company. Since childhood I have admired the characters, movies, merchandise, and parks this company has created. Every brand has a story to tell. Some are inspirational while others are tragic. In so many ways, building a brand is like telling a great story. At the heart of both crafts is the power to evoke emotions from the audience. Great storytellers can make you cry while branding experts can make you buy. Since its founding in 1923, The Walt Disney Company and its affiliated companies have remained faithful to their commitment to produce unparalleled entertainment experiences based on the rich legacy of quality creative content and exceptional storytelling. The Walt Disney Company, together with its subsidiaries and affiliates, is a leading diversified international family entertainment and media enterprise with four business segments: media networks, parks and resorts, studio entertainment and consumer products. The Disney Company has done a masterful job of creating a brand that blends art and science. Careful market research, focus groups, maximizing brand exposure, continual education and advanced technologies are all part of...
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