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  • Topic: Super Bowl XLIV, New Orleans Saints, Roger Goodell
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  • Published : October 15, 2012
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Michelle Ducote

Title: Current Event Speech Saints Bounty Scandal

Specific purpose: Inform others of the Saints Bounty Scandal and its details.

Thesis statement: Although the Saints may have won the Super Bowl, their win will also bring about a scandal.

I. Introduction
1. Background
a. What is a bounty?
b. Details about it
2. When it started
a. 2009-2011
II. Body
1. Who is involved
a. Players
i. Jonathon Vilma (1 season suspension)
ia. How he found out about suspension
ib. Statements he made
ii. Anthony Hargrove (8 game suspension)
iii. Scott Fujita (6 game suspension)
iv. Will Smith (3 game suspension)
b. Coaches
i. Sean Payton
ii. Joe Vitt
iii. Greg Williams
iv. Mickey Lumis
2. Who Appealed
a. All four players
b. No coaches

III. Conclusion
1. Appeals over turned
a. players suspensions lifted
b. players reinstated
2. Outcome of appeals.

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