Outline for Comparison and Contrast Between China Culture from 350 Bc to Ad 600 and Rome 750 Bc to Ad 500.

Topics: Civilization, God, China Pages: 2 (269 words) Published: June 25, 2012
Discuss the comparison and contrast between China culture from 350 BC to AD 600 and Rome 750 BC to AD 500.

I. Every culture changes, some for the good and some spiral downward and cease to exist. The treatment of the people living in the culture can determine if it continues to grow or is a page in history. Needs have to be met and wants have to be recognized.

II. How a Religion began and the changes that occurred Rome
A.The Worshiping of several God's
B.The beliefs of Gods ruling the World

A. One God is the main God in the civilization B. How the beliefs of the one God keeps the culture as one

III. The Growth of the Empire

A. The invention of Water ways to keep the people, Crops and Animals alive B. How the land was used for Protection against invaders and the Trade of Goods
A. Living on or near the water and using it protection B. The lack of technology to rise and the trade routes

IV. How Men and Women were seen in the Culture and the teaching of Culture
A. Women were valued more

B. Belief changed some as the civilization took over new lands
A. Treatment differed in the treatment of women in the home from the treatment of women in the public.


It takes all of a culture including a Ruler to make a culture grow. Changes have to happen to keep progress going. If a culture isn’t happy and productive it will not grow and will die out.
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