Outline of events in the play Street Car Named Desire by Tennesse Williams

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  • Published: November 5, 2002
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THE play begins in New Orleans, on a dark evening in early in May. Stanley Kowalksi and his friend Mitch stop by the Kowalski apartment to drop off a slab of meat and let Stanley's wife, Stella, know that they are going to go bowling. Stella decides to join them, and as soon as the apartment is vacant, Blanche DuBois, Stella's sister, arrives carrying a valise and looking quite lost. Eunice, one of the Kowalski's neighbors, lets Blance into the apartment to wait. Blanche is very nervous and, finding a whiskey bottle in a closet, takes a few sips to calm her nerves. Stella soon returns and is delighted to find her sister there waiting. She listens patiently as Blanche rants about the deplorable conditions in which Stella is living. Blanche claims that she has taken a leave of absence from the school at which she teaches in order to come visit her baby sister. She also admits that they have lost Belle Reve, the family estate. She criticizes Stella for having left her alone to try to save the plantation. In a little while, Stanley returns from bowling. Blanche is frightened by Stanley's rough appearance and common talk, however she finds herself engaging in a flirtatious conversation with her sister's husband nonetheless.

The following evening, Blanche bathes while Stella explains to Stanley that Belle Reve has been lost. He is distrustful of Blance and wants to see the paperwork, but Stella begs Stanley not to upset Blanche because of the ordeal that she has been through. Stanley then goes through Blanche's wardrobe trunk and jerks out an armful of dresses. He suggests that she has purchased all of these feathers and furs by stealing their half of the estate. Stella angrily reprimands Stanley for making such accusations against her sister and storms out of the apartment to cool off. A few moments later, Blanche emerges from her bath to find herself alone with Stanley, who proceeds to quiz her about the contents of her wardrobe. He roughly insists that she show him the papers from the sale of the estate. As Blanche grudgingly obliges, Stanley knocks a pile of papers to the floor. Blanche suddenly becomes enraged, screaming that she will burn the papers now that he has touched them. When he asks what they are, she replies that they are "poems a dead boy wrote." Poems from her dead husband, to be more precise. Blanche then gives all of the estate papers to Stanley, daring him to find any wrongdoing on her part. Stanley, refusing to back down, suggests that he will a lawyer friend of his examine the papers. He insists that it is his duty to protect his wife's interests, especially now that she is going to have a baby. Blanche is ecstatic at the news and rushes off to congratulate her sister on the pregnancy.

Stella takes Blanche out for an evening on the town while Stanley and his friends play poker. When the ladies return, Blanche has a brief flirtatious encounter with Mitch, one of Stanley's friends. Blanche asks Stella about Mitch, and when she discovers that Mitch once had a romantic relationship with a dying girl, she feels an immediate kinship with him and turns on that old southern charm. An argument ensues over the radiom, which Blanche wants on and Stanley wants off. Stanley, very drunk by this point, wins the argument by throwing the radio out the window. Stella immediately steps in and puts an end to the poker game, ordering all of the men out of the house. Stanley is furious and hits her viciously. Stella and Blanche rush upstairs to Eunice's apartment while Stanley's friends try to sober him up, but Stanley is too strong for the other men and drives them forcefully out of the house. He screams up to the apartment above, begging Stella to come home, and although Blanche and Eunice are against the idea, Stella, who really loves Stanley deeply, slips down the rickety stairs in her robe. Stella and Stanley stare at each other for a moment. Then they come together with low, animal moans. He falls to his knees and...
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