Outline/Bartholomae's "Inventing the University"

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I. Major Essay #1
A. The following Essays are listed from least successful to most successful. The “White Shoes” paper; the “Clay Model” paper; the second “Jazz” essay; the first “Jazz” essay; and the “Composing Songs” essay.

II. The explanation and supportive reasoning why these papers are ranked the way they are.
A. “White Shoes” paper
1. This student has misspelled some words and also did not use correct
punctuation, causing some sentences to be run on sentences.
2. “They agreed that it did look better and they changed there combination to go
along with mine.” (Bartholomae 150)
B. “Clay Model” paper
1.This student was trying to write at a higher level of intelligence than what the
student was capable of.
2. “He is trying on the discourse even though he doesn’t have the knowledge that
would make the discourse more than a routine.” (Bartholomae 136)
C. “Jazz 2” essay
1. This student has misspelled words and used incorrect punctuation.
2. “Throughout the years, I have seen and heard many jazz players, both
proffessional and amateur.” (Bartholomae 151)
D. “Jazz 1” essay
1. This student explains what creativity means to them. “Creativity to me, means
being free to express yourself in a that is unique to you, not having to conform to
certain rules and guidelines.” (Bartholomae 148)
2. “Notice also that the writer of the “Jazz” paper locates himself and his
experience in relation to the commonplace (creativity is a unique expression;
is it not having to conform to rules or guidelines) regardless of whether the
commonplace is true or not” (Bartholomae 149)
E. “Composing Songs” essay
1. The student admits that she was never truly creative, however taking the song
and making it her own is being creative in a sense.
2. “In a more fitting sense, however, I was being creative.” (Bartholomae 154)

III. Conclusion
A. Each of these five students managed to get down on paper what their image...
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