Outline and Evaluate the View That Youth Culture Is Created by the Economy.

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  • Published : October 23, 2012
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Outline and evaluate the view that youth culture is created by the economy (33) Youth culture is the way in which youths behave and act in society. It is the stereotypical behaviour and look that people decide to link with teenagers. Youth culture is created by many different things in society one of which is the economy. The economy has a huge influence on the creation of youth culture. It benefits majorly from the youth being better educated and more mature, due to this the school leaving age has been extended. As a way to keep young people in education for longer the government has started to pay EMA to those whose families have low income. Young people are also the ideal people to fill the part time jobs within the economy as they are desperate for the maturity and chance to earn their own money. Due to the economy many young people have more money to spend, this then causes the development in Youth Culture. Also globalisation could have a major influence of the formation of youth culture. As nowadays young people are influenced by products and different worldwide trends coming over from places all over the world. This is nothing new but recently has become more popular with things such as Hollister and Superdry coming over from America and Japan, but back in the 1950’s Teddy Boys and Girls were also influenced by the American style. Todays influences don’t just come from America they come from worldwide as many things are being imported from places like China, India and Europe. Globalisation has played a huge role in the development of hybrid subcultures. It is very closely linked with style as style is a key feature in the UK. Style is critical to all subcultures, it is what shows off their individality. Hippies, Punks and Teddy Boys wouldn’t be noticable without style. Polhemus 1997 said “we see a society where what you wear, how you wear it and where it is from all matter”. Although if it wasn’t for a healthy economy youth would not be able to afford...
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