Outline and Discuss the Four Functions That a Manager Performs. Give Examples of Each of These Functions in Operation:

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Exercise #1:
Outline and discuss the four functions that a manager performs. Give examples of each of these functions in operation:

Planning is the point where the manager is defining goals, and then they have to establish ways of achieving the planned goals. They also need to manage to develop and plan integrating and coordinating activities. Without planning there would be chaos and a lack of structure that is needed in a business to keep smooth systems. Without goals there is nothing to strive for the business will struggle to go forward.

E.g. Wedding Planner – First initial meeting with Bride
* Further meetings with the Bride to come up with a plan on what she would imagine the wedding to be like * Planning budgeting
* Planning where it is to be held
* Planning the cake
* The number of people etc....

This is where managers determine what tasks need to be done; they then need to work out an allocation of who is to do them, how the tasks are to be grouped and who reports to whom. It is the part where the small loose ends are being tied up. Without good organisational skills, tasks can fall the pieces pretty rapidly. When organising you need to pay attention to who is doing what and who is reporting to whom, without the right communications there can be a breakdown in the organisation which can lead to organisational failure.

E.g. Wedding Planner – Organising
* Starting to organise the bits and pieces needed to put the wedding together * Getting procedures in order
* Organising staffing
* Organising Venue
* Organising on/off/special licences is applicable

To be a leader you need to be a strong motivator and leader. The leader is in charge of dealing with employee behavioural issues. Leaders are in charge of being influential to employees, team work groups etc. A good leader is someone who is respected by people, to...
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