Outline and Discuss Some of the Differences Between the Terms “Media” and “Culture”. Do the Terms Share Anything in Common?

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Outline and discuss some of the differences between the terms “media” and “culture”. Do the terms share anything in common?

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Both the terms “media” and “culture” are ambiguous and therefore it will always be subjective to define the similarities and differences between them. In many ways the two terms are linked intrinsically as it is difficult to decipher the cause and effect that each have on one another. The vast expanse of aspects each term covers also causes difficulties when outlining their meaning. However it can be argued that there are ways in which the terms stand alone and areas in which one term is not affected by the other.

DuGay et al (1997: 1) believes that culture was “once associated almost exclusively with the “arts”” however suggests that culture is now accepted as a vast term which can be said to encompass many areas of our lives including the media. Essentially but not exhaustively culture builds our social identity; everyone belongs to a culture which creates a collective identity. Some factors that I believe culture to include are heritage (tangible and intangible) as well as dialect, nationality, fashion, food, lifestyle and media. It could be said therefore that the way in which we use media is one factor of our culture but culture is broader than just media. However it is impossible to define whether culture influences media or vice versa.

It can be said that media defines our culture as uses of technologies and consumption of media texts influence the way in which our culture develops. Broadly speaking the twenty first century Western culture is saturated with media, Du Gay et al (1997:8) states that “Sony Walkman has become inscribed in our informal social knowledge” illustrating how media products become part of our culture. Media undoubtedly influences human decisions and identities which in turn can affect our culture. “Media producers respond to our...
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