Outline About Michael Jackson

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Michael Jackson

1. Why did I choose Michael?
I have chosen to talk about Michael because I think that he was and still is an idol. Not only for me, but for a lot of other people as well. And many still listens to his music today, and that shows me that he did something so big and extraordinary that people remembered him, and that is one description of an idol. People also gave him the Nickname “King of Pop” that says that he meant something for people. And that has a lot to do with his music and his personality. He was a friendly and peaceful man, so was his music.

2. Who was he?
Michael was born August 29, 1958, he was just a normal kid, but with a father that didn’t treat him very well. Michael and he’s 4 brothers was made into a band, because of his father made them rehearse almost every day, so Michael didn’t have any spare time to make friends or other stuff that he would like to do. “The Jackson Five” got big in very few months, and their name was all over the world. When Michael grew older, he got better thoughts, and went solo. There he became even more famous, with his solo album “Thriller”. After that he was on the top of the list, then it became a little quiet and he almost disappeared. But then he came on the idea of “This Is It”, his last tour ever. I think it was so sad that he died before he even went on stage. I think he died because of all the stress he had through his life, and that last tour. His body couldn’t take it anymore, and that is just my opinion. But you can in a way say that, in the end, his music killed himself.
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