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The Six Stages in Preparing an Effective Outline for a Presentation

Giving a presentation can be a daunting task, especially for those not inclined toward public speaking. Still, even people with poor speaking skills have the potential to give an effective presentation, no matter how large the audience. The key to delivering a compelling presentation is to prepare an effective outline. You will need to follow several guidelines to construct an organized and effective outline.

Rhetorical Purpose
Identify your rhetorical purpose. Your rhetorical purpose is your goal or mission. First, identify if your purpose is purely informative or if your purpose is also to persuade or convince the audience. Then identify the topic. Audience Profile

Profile your audience. If possible, conduct research to determine the makeup of the audience. For instance, ascertain the age, sex, education level, background or other relevant information, depending on your topic. Determine what the audience already knows about your topic, what the audience needs to know and what the audience wants to know. Summary

Draft a summary of your topic that is organized by introduction, body and conclusion. In the introduction, provide a general overview of the presentation and set forth your thesis or purpose. Organize the body according to topic or idea to help the audience follow your presentation. If the material to be presented follows a chronological or linear pattern, arrange it in a way that makes sense. For instance, explain causes before effects. In the conclusion, synthesize your ideas and tie up loose ends. Restate your thesis or argument. Order your main points with Roman letters or capital letters. Color

Add a little color and flavor. Once you have drafted the substance of the summary, including all relevant information and factual detail, add a few jokes, fun facts, quotations or anecdotes here and there to engage the audience's interest. For instance, insert an...
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