Topics: Software development, Project management, Management Pages: 6 (1516 words) Published: March 29, 2013
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Rajeev Sharma

Software Project Management

(An Elective Course)

General Perspective:
The software industry is growing rapidly. This has created a situation where every one is only chasing deliverables and making ad hoc decisions along the line. Practitioners are struggling hard to cope with the ever-increasing complexity of software development. Meanwhile, the management of software projects has led to many software development failures. A recent study reported that for large organizations, only 9% of large IT projects are successful; that is, delivered within budget, schedule and scope. It is clear that software failures are the norm, not the exception. Why is it so hard to manage software-related projects? A serious problem plaguing software industries in both developed and developing countries is poor development practices and project management. This problem is the major cause of delays in software projects, overspending of IT budgets, and chronic problems with safety, reliability, security and maintainability of software products. Software industries in developing countries need to rely on modern engineering practices to develop high-quality, globally competitive products. Such practices comprise a variety of methods, tools and techniques based on solid mathematical foundations and good software project management. The state of project management for IT professionals in general and software engineering in particular is dismal. While software technologies, processes and methods have advanced appreciably, software engineering remains a people-intensive process. Therefore, techniques for managing people, technology, resources and risks have profound leverage. Project management, as a discipline, has been well established in many engineering fields over the years. However, the accumulated wisdom is not fully applied to software or IT for several reasons. There is the impression in IT that programming has more to do with art than science. Further, we have not had the appropriate tools for accurate estimation in size, cost and productivity, owing to the intangible nature of software. Finally, it is fair to say that we still need to promote a sound Project Management culture within the field of IT and Software Projects. Course Objective

Unlike traditional manufacturing industry, the software industry is still at its infancy. All management has been mostly self-learnt after repeated problem encounters. It is unlikely that the industry can continue to keep to the track and maintain the pace if remained un-tethered by sound principles of management. The course stresses the need to use metrics both in the planning of projects and in the managing against those plans, the use of risk management techniques and the role of quality in the development of software. Appropriate application of software engineering requires a managerial approach and that is what software project management is all about. The objective of this course is to create managers who can apply their managerial talent to the development of software. It is not a course about technology. It discusses some software engineering issues blending them with management questions that arise there in. Since this course is mainly directed towards those who may not have any knowledge or experience in the software industry, it aims to cover basic concepts of software development management and forces discussions of ground realities after. This course should be useful to those who plan to take up careers in the IT industry as well as in the Consulting industry. Scope

This course examines appropriate management strategies for software development, risk analysis and management, quality assurance, management of expectations, configuration management. Also discusses the SEI CMM model.

Attendees of this course will...
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