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  • Published : March 19, 2013
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Lee Yeonjoo, 2013230049
silver_517@naver.com, 010-3000-7827
Academic English“Alacrity”Class
Assignment Submitted on Mar. 14, 2013
Outline of a Text
Topic: Jessica Jackley
Presentation Title: “Self-Introduction of Jessica Jackley: Our Stories Matter Very Much” (On TED.com it’s “Poverty, Money and Love”) Source & Date: TED.com, posted in Oct. 2010, watched in class in weeks 1-2 Length: about 3,700 words

Introduction (Hook)
1. Our stories matter (par. 1).
2. Thesis Statement: “These stories can really change the way that we think about each other. And if we can catalyze a supportive community to come around these individuals and to participate in their story by lending a little bit of money, I think that can change the way we believe in each other and each other's potential.” (Lines 151-154) Detailed Story (actually multiple stories BEFORE the thesis statement) 1. Frustration and confusion after knowing about poor.

A. They always seem to be related in one way or another i. Feel overwhelmed that they are never going away
ii. Hear things everywhere about lives of the poor
B. Decide to either avoid them or buy rights to avoid being involved 2. New plans in life after listening to Dr. Muhammad’s speech. C. Microlending that can help someone start or grow a business iii. All people need are a little bit of capital

iv. Not poor, but diligent entrepreneurs can be created D. Travelling to places over the world
v. Meeting and interviewing people that started businesses from money received vi. See the humbling attitudes of people who are making progress

Analysis (Discussion) & Application of the Story
1. Introduction of Kiva
A. Positive and meaningful thing
i. Blur the traditional rich and poor line ii. More open, more just, and more creative ways to help B. Things to reflect upon...
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