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Alexus Johnson W131 PD.10 11/29/2012 Trend Outline Introduction
Discuss the growing popularity of hookah bars among teens.
Statistics- Number of Hookah bars in the U.S. and worldwide. From Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “An estimated 300 hookah cafés operated in the United States in 2006, and the numbers continue to grow” (“Smoking and Tobacco Use”). Originated in India and Persia.

Discuss the lack of options for teens to hang out at night.
Thesis- Hookah bars have increased in popularity because they are a new way to socialize and because teens wrongly believe that the tobacco smoked in a hookah is non-harmful to their health. Why is it happening?

Entails positive mood, relaxed environment
From The Hubbly Bubbly, “The positive mood and the calming ambiance made it easy to see why this exotic environment is rapidly gaining interest among youth in America” (Davis, “The Hubbly Bubbly”). The laid back environment in hookah bars is very appealing to teens as a new way to socialize in a more mature environment. Myth: Hookahs are harmless

From Reuters, “The misperception that hookahs are more “natural” and safer than cigarettes may be driving their rise in popularity…” (“Hookah Smoking Popular with the College Crowd”). Statistics show that the health risks of smoking a hookah are compared to those of smoking cigarettes. From Hookah Trend is Puffing Along, “…smoked for about 45 minutes, delivers 36 times more tar than a cigarette, 15 times more carbon monoxide and 70% more nicotine” (Koch, “Hookah Trend is Puffing Along”). Smoking hookah is not an alternative to smoking cigarettes. What conditions needed to be in place to give rise to the trend? Reasonable, low prices and Easily accessible
From Hookah Trend Is Puffing Along, “He says it’s now offered in about 1,000 bars, cafes or restaurants nationwide, many of which feature Middle Eastern food, Arab music videos or belly dancing, Smoking a hookah typically costs $7 to $15” (Koch, “Hookah Trend is Puffing Along”). Because hookah bars are growing in number and the cost of smoking hookah is reasonably cheap, it is increasing in popularity. Public Venues offered to smoke Hookah

From The Hubbly Bubbly, “Hookah bars may be the most popular public venue for smoking the hookah...” (Davis, “The Hubbly Bubbly”). Most public places try to maintain smoke-free environments; therefore creating a venue that promotes smoking is fair for those who enjoy it. How does it work?

From Smokin’ Hot Hookah Craze Catches on in Yakima Despite Health Concerns, “Both clubs also charge a membership fee. Babylon charges $8 and $12 for memberships of six months and a year, respectively. Aladdin charges $12 a year or $2 for a one-day pass” (Hoang,”Smokin’ Hot Hookah Craze Catches on in Yakima Despite Health Concerns”). Upon entering the bar, teens must pay a cheap toll for the tobacco and hookah services. Hookah Definition.
From The Hubbly Bubbly, “A hookah is simply a water pipe that is used to smoke shisha tobacco. It looks somewhat like a bong and consists of four parts: at the top a bowl is filled with tobacco and heated by coals, a pipe connects the bowl to the base which is a jar filled with water, and a hose with a mouthpiece draws smoke out of the hookah up through the water” (Davis, “The Hubbly Bubbly”). The Actual Procedure

From American Lung Association, “The hookah heats specially-made tobacco, and then passes the smoke through a bowl of water. The smoker then draws this tobacco smoke through a mouthpiece connected to the pipe by a rubber hose” (“Hookah Use-1st New Tobacco Use Trend of the 21st Century”). Who’s involved and to what value system(s) is it tied?

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