Outer Space

Topics: Sun, Solar System, Planet Pages: 3 (833 words) Published: May 14, 2013
Outer Space
By: Gabbie Sanchez

Outer Space started about 100 kilometers above the Earth, but there is still part of the Earth’s atmosphere. Outer Space is the void that exists between celestial bodies including the Earth. In space, two pieces of metal can weld together with no heat or other substances present because It's not completely empty but it's consists of hard vacuum containing a low density of particles which is predominantly a plasma of hydrogen and helium as well as electromagnetic radiation, magnetic fields, and neutrinos which it's called Cold Welding and it was discovered in the 1940s.The baseline temperature as set by the background radiation from the Big Bang is 2.7 Kelvin (K) but in more exact term, the temperature of the emptiness of outer space is about 3 degree Kelvin. So obviously the temperature of outer space is nearly absolute zero and very cold. There is no firm boundary where space begins. Outer space is the closet natural approximation to a perfect vacuum because it has effectively no friction, allowing stars, planets and moon to move freely along their ideal orbits. By comparison, the air we breathe contains about 10 billions light years. Stars, planets and moons retain their atmospheres by gravitational attraction. Atmospheres have no clearly delineated boundary: the density of atmospheric gas gradually decreases with distance from the object until it becomes indistinguishable from the surrounding environment. 

Effect on human bodies:
Sudden exposure to very low pressure, such as during a rapid decompression, could cause pulmonary barotrauma—a rupture of the lungs, due to the large pressure differential between inside and outside of the chest. Rapid decompression can rupture eardrums and sinuses, bruising and blood seep can occur in soft tissues, and shock can cause an increase in oxygen consumption that leads to hypoxia. As a consequence of rapid decompression, any oxygen dissolved in the blood would empty into the lungs to...
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