Outdoor Ed. Activity Assigment

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Gerald L. Piche, Jr
             I would like to thank Dr. Randy Showerman for all of his help and friendship since I began my career as an Agriscience teacher. I would also like to thank all of the support staff in the ANRECS department for their help and advice throughout the years. A special thanks to my family and to the friends I have made while attending MSU.             Finally, I would like to thank my fiancée Nicole who has supported me with this endeavor. Your cheerful attitude and understanding made all the difference.  

            Agriscience education has always tried to make connections between what is being taught in the classroom and what students will encounter when they leave the classroom setting. It has been argued that students who are able to put into practice the materials presented to them will have a better understanding of the subject, retain more of the information and will therefore get more out of the experience. Parents, administrators and the community on a whole who are aware of this idea have begun to expect this type of teaching method from all educators.  

            This curriculum will serve as a guide to teachers of all subjects in grades K-12 to help them expand their classrooms beyond the four walls of the school and offer ideas to use the outdoors in teaching to their students.

Chapter IV: Project
            The purpose of this project is give educators activities that they can use in the outdoors to supplement their classroom instruction. It will focus specifically on activities to be used by K-12 educators. These activities will use natural resources as a medium to teach a variety of subject matter. Educators can use the activities as they are or modify them as they see needed.             The methodology used in this project will be to present activities that can be used for studying many different subjects, and not one specific subject. Subjects that have been included in this project are math, science, art, english, social studies, and geography.             These activities will be highly adaptable for any teacher. All classrooms vary significantly due to subject matter, learning styles, maturity levels, learning disabilities and many other factors. Due to these variances it will be valuable to have activities that may be altered for use in many different ways. The lesson that the activity is demonstrating should remain the same regardless of the group.             The method chosen for this project is activities that can be used by teachers in the following groups: K-2, 3-5, 6-8 and 9-12. This was chosen because the Michigan Agriscience and Natural Resources Curriculum is set up with these groupings under its Career Pathways.  

Outdoor Activities for K-12
            The following activities are primarily designed for the use with students who are in kindergarten through twelfth grades. These activities are written in an easy to read format and follow this basic form. 1.   Activity Name

2.   Objectives: desired outcomes for the students
3.   Materials needed: lists all things needed before starting 4.   Instruction: step-by-step description of what is to be done 5.   Questions for Study: questions to pose to students at the end of the activity to make them reflect on what they have just completed.  

There are five activities for each of the groupings previously listed except for the 9-12 grouping. For the 9-12 group, there are 5 activities specific to each of the following subject areas: social studies, math, science, art, and language. The activities for K-2, 3-5, and 6-8 are not grouped by subject area, but have an intended area that is listed by the activity name.  

Activities for Students
In Grades K - 2nd
Tree Leaf I.D....
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