Outdoor Advertising and Product Placement

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  • Published : January 25, 2013
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Outdoor advertising
The media tools that we suggest for Anlene is outdoor advertising which is under the traditional media channel. Outdoor advertising is any advertisement that publicizes the product and services at outdoor. There are more than 40 types of outdoor advertising, with billboards being the most widely recognized media. Types of outdoor advertising include bus benches billboards, taxis, poster and so on. Billboard advertising is one of the most popular ways of advertising outdoors because it seems everyone notices those big billboards when they are driving, being a passenger in a car, or walking down the street. Billboard advertising can be large and spectacular, making passenger major attention getting device. Anlene can be choosing a specific and great geographic area can works well for promoting the product. It can target the potential peoples in particular area. It is a large billboard advertising that can found in highway, traffic area, city area and so on. If Anlene can build a billboard on a potential placement, it can catch people’s attention and create a memorable impression. After them leaving the billboard, they will recall back the advertisement that driven past it. Driver must pay attention to the traffic as they travel by the billboard. Anlene can choose some area which normally occur traffic jam. When people stuck in slow-moving traffic, they will spend more time to look at the billboard. Driver usually read the billboard while passed at high speed so it should have large and clear word print or arresting image in brilliant colour. Anlene can use clear and simple billboard so that it can easily bring an impression and message to viewer. Since a billboard stay in the same place for a period of a month or more, people who drive by or walk past, they will see the same billboard a number of times. Since the people who see the billboard of Anlene number of time, it wills quickly gaining the popularity of Anlene brand. As we know, the...
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