Outcome Practice

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Andrew Blackwood

Understanding and implementation of outcome based practice within my work setting. Outcome based practice is to deliver a service which is measured by the outcomes of the support delivered. From the initial stages of referral it is made clear what outcomes are expected to be achieved or worked towards. An individual’s care co-ordinator will draw up a pen picture representing the individual and disclosing details of the support that they require and a summary of their character, within this pen picture, required outcomes will be stated and it’s down to us to detail how we can meet these outcomes within our practice. A required outcome may state: “A long term period of stability and improved functioning in a safe environment leading to increased confidence in ability to attend to personal needs and strategies to manage symptoms” Using the above required outcome example I know that it is imperative to form a package of care that provides the individual with an environment that does not challenge their confidence too much, i would read into this that this individual is quite sensitive to factors within their life so therefore a sensitive approach will be needed in supporting the individual to achieve the required outcomes. It is highlighted that this individual requires particular attention towards aiding attendance of personal needs therefore a detailed care plan should be put in place to address these needs. A required outcome for this individual is for them to be able to develop strategies to manage their symptoms therefore this should be documented within their care plan and the individual must be included to the full extent of their mental capacity. If the condition in which the individual suffers from is Schizophrenia for example, strategies may include coaching an individual to acknowledge when they may be in need of their PRN medication, this will aid the individual in coping with their symptoms and therefore accomplish an outcome which is a positive factor within the individual’s life. By using outcome based practice we are able to deliver a more efficient service which addresses the needs of the individual to gain a positive result, this process involves gaining specific knowledge of the key needs of the individual and implementing a service efficiently that meets the needs of the individual whilst also making the best out of allocated time and funds. Outcome based practice is efficient where it matters most, an individual’s package of care should not consist of a ‘baby- sitting’ routine but include the individual and pin point exactly what they should realistically achieve whist in receipt of this package, therefore the individual’s needs are truly being met and positive changes will take place. It should be noted that outcomes can be changed at any time and should be reviewed periodically or as regular as any changes take place.

Promoting social, emotional, cultural, spiritual and intellectual well being (02.1, 02.3) 'well-being is a positive and sustainable condition that allows individuals, groups or nations to thrive and flourish.  Well-being....requires an integrated approach, one that embraces mind, body, society, and the environment. Understanding how individuals and communities can be helped to thrive and flourish could be of great benefit to our citizens, our educators and our leaders '    Felicity Huppert, Nick Baylis & Barry Keverne., 2005 I believe the above quote gives an accurate definition of psychological wellbeing. Wellbeing is a condition linked to the feeling of freedom, freedom to make choices, freedom to be an individual. As the above quote indicates, many factors contribute towards the feeling of wellbeing which is why it is important that we try to focus on all the physical, psychological, internal and external factors. By allowing any given contributor towards well- being to deteriorate we are paving the way for deterioration of one’s...
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