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  • Published : February 21, 2013
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Assessment Criteria
The learner can:R3 3.1

1. Explain the importance of partnership with parents for all aspects of the child care service| Parents are the first educators of their children and it is very important that anyone working with children and young people makes every possible effort to establish effective partnerships with parents. Children are more likely to reach their full potential if good lines of communication and sound relationships with their parents have been established.Since 2008 the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) in England has set out a clear framework for partnership working between professionals, and also between professionals in all the settings a child may attend.As a home-based childminder you should have a ‘parents as partners’ policy, which reinforces the importance of establishing positive relationships with parents, from the first time you meet. It is important to share information with parents effectively if you are to establish a positive working relationship. Older children can tell their parents what they have been doing, but the younger children are not able to do these things as yet so therefore it is essential that there are systems in place for parents and childminder to exchange information.A welcome pack would be ideal to hand out to the parents as they can take it away and keep it for reference.The welcome pack should include: * Full name * Postcode * Telephone numbers(landline and mobile) * Days and time I am able to care for children including details of my holidays * Rates for a full day, part –time, holidays and additional hoursAlso in the welcome pack I will detail exactly what the parents will get for their money.|

Assessment Criteria
The learner can:
2. Describe how partnership with parents are set up and maintained| |

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