Outback Steakhouse Strategies and Beliefs

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  • Published : April 15, 2007
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5.The success of Outback is the result of their "Principles and Beliefs." They believe that if they take care of their people—Outbackers, customers, suppliers, neighbors and partners—then the institution of Outback will take care of itself. The following is a section of their "Principles and Beliefs" section, which defines Outback's commitment to their Outbackers: " We keep our commitments to Outbackers, guided by our five principles. Our purpose is to prepare Outbackers to exercise good judgment and live our Principles and Beliefs. There are no probationary Outbackers. Because of our Serious Food, Concentrated Service and No Rules, Outbackers approach our Customers with confidence and a sense of ownership while demonstrating our principles of Hospitality and Quality. They are proud to be Outbackers. Outback's environment requires people to be tough on results, but kind with people. It is an environment where managers are focused on serving Customers and supporting their Outbackers. Outbackers know they are valued and that situations special to them will be handled with respect and concern. How we take care of Outbackers is embodied in the details of our nine commitments to them. Clear Direction, preparation, Involvement, Affecting one's own Destiny, A Fair Hearing, Sharing in the Success, Making a Commitment, Having a Good Time and Compassion." Outback is very concerned with their employees' lives outside the chaotic rush of their restaurant. They want to provide their managers with the opportunity to pursue family and career interests outside the restaurant; so they are open for dinner only. Outback had the lowest turnover rate in the industry, which lessened its need to spend money on training replacement employees. Most companies policies indicate that the customers comes first, but Outback's strategy focuses on their employees as their most essential asset and resource. The founders realized that they had to show that they were serious of taking care of...
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