Outback Steakhouse Marketing Mix

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Outback steakhouse Marketing Mix- 4ps
1. Product
Outback steakhouse is an Australia or American style restaurant. Outback emphasizes “fresh” spirit inspires everything. One of the corporation’s slogan is “It’s always fresh in the outback”. All menu items are made fresh daily, and sourced from around the world to keep high quality ingredients. The specialist appetizer is bloomin’ onion while steak is the most important product. Beef required exceed all USDA standards, and all approved beef suppliers use scientific methods to verify that their food safety programs. Outback also serves seafood, chicken, pork, soup, salads, and desserts. However menu items may vary by location. Occasionally launch new products. 2. Price

Menu prices may vary by location. Steaks offer different standard sizes and different price. They also sell gift cards. Sometimes buying a $100 gift card will get an extra $20 card. Outback will occasionally provide seasonal pricing or discounts as well. For example, holiday special meal or period price is low than regular price. 3. Place

In addition to our restaurants in the United States, Outback Steakhouse also operates over 1000 restaurants in 21 countries worldwide. The dining environment accommodates couples, families, or groups. For convenience ordering, outback offers “take away online order” systems on their website. 4. Promotion

Outback Steakhouse is using many promotion strategies. For advertising, Outback has traditional TV commercials and print media. In recent years the organization has built social media like facebook, YouTobe, and twitter to give the organization and customers several communication flats. For promotions aspect, Outback provides discounts or gifts occasionally during special events. For instance under price for new launch menu, chance to win FREE Outback for a year, and free give for Dad. For public relations, Outback has been supporting operation feeding freedom, an overseas company...
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