Outback Steakhouse

Topics: Computer program, Natural selection, Leadership Pages: 1 (411 words) Published: April 6, 2011
Discuss the importance of fit to Outback Steakhouse:
The individual match to the company’s culture, principles and values is of great importance to Outback, and that is why they have a rigorous selection process that helps them carefully choose that right candidate for hourly and management workers. In the reading it tells us that a key to making Outback a great place to work is hiring the right people so the organizational based fit is very important to the success of carrying out the vision and mission of the company, keeping turnover low and retaining good leaders.

Evaluate Outback’s selection process including the order of selection methods such that applicants first complete an application, then complete tests, and then participate in interviews: Although we don’t have access to all of selection process the steps given in the reading were: job preview, Dimension of Performance, application, testing and then the interview. This process is a little different from other restaurant selection process. For the most part, the application is filled out, if the company is interested in you, there is an interview and perhaps some test, then a call on when to start or no call at all but not at OS, there the process is different. With the turnover rate in the food service industry being as high as 300% (www.encylopdia.com), Outback Steakhouse has incorporated a selection process that helps them to keep turnover low. Of course there is not one guaranteed method of selection, but their process is helps them keep a turnover to less than 20% a year (knowledge.emory.edu) and that is impressive. Outback has managed to take advantage of the information it obtains from their hiring candidates, use it to choose a person that is compatible to the company as a whole and places them in positions best suited for their skill level. OB tells the applicant a little about what to expect on the job, their potential responsibilities and benefits for working with the company,...
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