Out of This World

Topics: Religion, Evolution, Theistic evolution Pages: 10 (1536 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Out Of This World 1

Where Did Mankind Come From?

Grant Jensen

PHI 103 – Informal Logic

Instructor: Michael Pelt

March 10, 2013

Out Of This World 2

The war between creationism and evolution is one that has been

fought for centuries. While each individual may choose his or her

own side, neither viewpoint is right or wrong. This subject remains

highly controversial, however, and is based solely on each person’s

beliefs. “…. It is not in the common celebrations and rites that

science and religion are seen to conflict; it is in their propositional

content instead. “(Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, n.d)

Ultimately, it is up to each of us how we choose to believe. Did God

create the world in six days and create mankind, or did we evolve
from apes? Or, does God even exist?

The conflict created between religion and science is further

complicated when we integrate the ideal of naturalism into these

concepts. Where exactly does naturalism fit into creationism and

evolution? Hypothetically speaking, it appears to be in closer

conjunction with science, as a part of nature, than religion.

The idea of naturalism pertains to the idea that humans are but a

part of nature and that Heaven and Hell do not, in fact, actually
Out Of This World 3

exist. According to naturalism, things may occur that are beyond our

capabilities of understanding, but that does not mean that such events

are supernatural. Per the idea maintained in the theory of naturalism,

miracles that were said to have occurred in the Bible- such as Jesus

walking on water and raising the dead- could not possibly have

happened. (World Pantheism, n.d)

There is little to no scientific evidence that Jesus Christ even

existed, people simply choose to believe in a higher power. There is,

however, evidence not only that apes did exist- they still do.

The theory of evolution ( descent with modification ) was first

developed by Charles Darwin. Evolution is the concept that not only

predicts many unconnected facts and phenomena, but also helps to

explain and organize those facts. (Vermeil, G.J., 2010) Darwin first

discovered this theory aboard the H.M.S Beagle in a voyage from

1831- 1836, where he gained much first- hand experience researching

naturalism. (Quitman, D., 2008) Darwin, who graduated from

Cambridge University, in pursuit of a clergyman position, found

his true calling as a naturalist during this voyage. “When on board

the H.M.S ‘Beagle’ as ( a ) naturalist, I was struck with certain facts Out Of This World 4

in the distribution of the inhabitants of that continent. These facts

seemed to throw some light on the origin of species- that mystery of

mysteries, as it has been called by some of our great philosophers. “

(Darwin, C., date unknown, pg. V, Para. 2) This notion was what

essentially led Darwin to the realization of his theory of evolution.

While religion is, at times, undermined in science, science, at

times, rails against religious claims. Each side has claims that the

other denies. This does not, however, mean to imply that religious...
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