Out of the Silent Planet: The Contrast between Malacandra and Earth

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  • Published : December 3, 2012
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The Contrast Between Malacandra and Earth
Elwin Ransom, the main character in the book, a professor of philology of the University of Cambridge, is a brave, open-minded man full of curiosity. I would describe him as brave because he acted very calm during the time he was being prisoned by Weston and Devin. He almost seemed a willing captive in the beginning of the story. Unlike Devin and Weston, Ransom had the courage to find Oryarsa and to sacrifice himself to ensure the safety of Malacandra. He is open-minded because he was willing to learn the language of Malacandra; he was willing to interact with the Malacandrian and to learn their way of living and thinking; he was willing to be unbent. He is also a man full of curiosity, his curiosity is the reason why he ended up in Malacandrian, he heard a kid crying at the back of the house and he went to investigate and got kidnapped. He was curious about the new world he was in; he was curious about the new creatures he met and he was curious about who and what Oryarsa is. Devin on the other hand was a bent man, he is greedy, selfish and ignorant. He works for the sole purpose of wealth, the first time he was in Malacandra, he and Weston stole a lot of gold from the Malacandrians and fled away when they were asked to meet Oryarsa. Devin is a selfish man because he was willing to sacrifice Ransom, one of his own race, to Oryarsa just so that he could achieve his plan, which is to take over Malacandra. Devin was full of ignorance to think that men can simply take over Malacandra and live there with eternal life. Augrey, the sorn who Ransom was afraid to come in contact with at first, is a very wise, helpful and loyal creature. Augrey was very good at thinking, he observed Ransom and concluded that he was from Thulcandra, Earth in Malacandrian. He carried Ransom the rest of the way to Oryarsa, a journey Ransom could not make it on his own. He was loyal to Oryarsa, he brought Ransom to him just as Oryarsa demanded....
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