Out of My Comfort Zone

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  • Published : February 14, 2011
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The whole month my friends have been continuously asking me to come ice skate with them. I had denied them several times, because I felt very uneasy going on a low friction surface on metal skates and was almost sure I would fall flat on my face. Public skate bothered me even more because I knew there would be several people there watching me, and potentially getting in the way of my skating. When the group decided to each get out of our comfort zones, I realized I should go with my friends this weekend, even though I felt very uncomfortable. Upon putting my skates on, I wasn’t sure what I was doing, and it took me a couple minutes to finally step out onto the ice. I held on to the railing for a long time, and my friend told me that was no way to learn something new, and that I should go in head first without being scared of failure. I felt ridiculous for caring so much, and let go and started skating around. I came to realize it was extremely similar to roller skating, and started enjoying it. When small children or fast skaters came by me, I was still a bit uneasy and would stop or slow down, but I realized it wasn’t as bad as I made it. Having everyone support me and show me tricks to go faster or make turns was very encouraging. I realized there were actually very many beginners during public skate that were going even slower than me. I didn’t feel so alone and realized I shouldn’t have chickened out for so long. My main fears were being out of control, that I would fail, or be embarrassed. Sometimes these things would pop up a bit, but in the end the experience gave me motivation to try new things and to wipe away the fear. It’s hard to grow and learn without taking risks, so I was proud I did it. To many it may have seemed like a small situation, but for me personally it was a bold step. Taking small bold steps may lead me to take larger more uncomfortable steps to get ahead. I realized that very few of the decisions or actions that you take are life or...
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