Out of Many, One

Topics: Immigration to the United States, United States, E pluribus unum Pages: 3 (1063 words) Published: December 16, 2011
Out Of Many, One

“Two Ways to Belong in America” published in the New York Times in 1996, written by Bharati Mukherjeee is her personal experience about how she decided on becoming an American citizen and her sister Mira’s decision to keep her Indian citizenship, and live as legal resident is the USA. This story was written to address various changes in immigration laws during that time when the American government decided to restrain legal residents living in the United States from some rights. In this story, two Indian born sisters living in the United States discuss opposites opinions about of the meaning to be part and to belong to America one as citizen, and the other as legal resident. Mukherjee became an American citizen, gave up her Indian citizenship, and completely integrated into the American culture. It is her thesis in this story. On the other hand, her sister Mira decided to live here as a legal resident, keep her Indian tradition and citizenship because she wants to return to India when she retires. In addition to that, Mira wants people with her immigration status to have the right to enjoy other benefits reserved just for Americans citizens. Both sisters believe that they belong to America, and through the story, they will use the devices of comparison, contrasting, and use sarcasm to explain their point of views.

As a legal immigrant living in the United States, and on the path to become an American citizen, I support Mukherjee’s arguments about this matter because people who immigrated to the United States must respect this nation by embracing its culture and acquiring its citizenship. Despite the fact that some people moved to the United States voluntary or for whatever reason, this country embraced us, and in return, we must to recognized it. The best way to show our gratitude and to formalize this ‘relationship’ is by becoming one of them and assimilates into their culture. The success of the American nation is a consequence of the...
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