Out of Body Experiences Speech

Topics: Human body, Psychology, Mind Pages: 1 (369 words) Published: May 16, 2013
Do you ever feel as if you’re watching the World the same way you watch tv, that’s what an out of body experience is like. Today we are going to discuss what an out of body experience is, how they are believed to occur, and in labs how are they being tested. An out of body experience is when you watch the world from a location outside of your body. During this you can see your body and the way you behave, yet you aren’t controlling your movements. It is said that at least 5 to 35 people out of 100 experience this sometime in their life. British psychologist, Susan Blackmore, says the experience has many similarities as dreaming and very close relations with lucid dreaming. According to PHD Stephan LaBerge in his book, Nightlight, they are, “The human consciousness separating from the human body and traveling in a discorporate form in the physical world.” Another popular belief is that these are also hallucinations, but if that were true how would all the same people have the same delusion? Now that we’ve discussed what they are let’s move on to how they happen. These experiences are believed to have a connection with mind altering events. Such as traumatic events, drug use, or dehydration; still that isn’t the case 100% of the time. The majority of the people experiencing these also had neuroelectrical abnormalities, which is any disorder with the body’s nervous system. It distorts the brains ability to process information. Even though they were first heard of in the early 1940’s yet scientists still have no concrete explanation for it. Many experiments have been performed in explaining these experiences, Time Magazine explains how these lab controlled experiments take place. They hook up a video camera to a pair of goggles, the camera shows the subject what is going on behind them so they are able to have a view of their own backs. A scientist taps the

Now that we have went over what out of body experiences are, how they occur, and how they are being test;...
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