Out Campus Mode of Studies

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According to oxford dictonary the meaning of out campus learning is a separation between the instructor and the student, usually due to geographical or time concerns that prevent the student from attending an on campus course. So electronic play an important role here for our campus learners. Electronic sources are used to bridge this gap and distribute educational material for our campus learning programs using printed and mailed materials over a hundred years ago. Normally out campus programs have usually been specially designed to help best meet the needs and requirements that arise when learning is taking place outside of a traditional classroom setting. Out campus learning are very beneficial for those who are working around the clock. There are alot of advantages by doing out campus learning.First of all, for me out campus learning helps me in my career development.It helps me to get a good post after i finish my degree.Besides this, by doing out campus learning it will make a person to well expose to the paper work and presentation which may enabble the person towords career development. The other advantage of out campus studies is knowledge development. Out campus learning help me to expose to a high level of knowledge which is past either by verble or printed matters, and this knowledge will help to broaden my knowledge.Rather than this, multi tasking is one of the advantages doing out campus learning. It allow me to handle more than one job at a time which are important allement to be a profesional. Out campus students also faces some problem such as no time to study and having less of time to complete their assiment.I as a out campus student also having the same problem. After a whole day working out i have to focus on my family after come home. This make me to don’t have much time to study and do revision. Some times i will be very busy at office untill don’t have time to complete my assiment and past it to the...
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