Our World in 6 Degrees

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  • Published : May 9, 2013
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1 Degree Warmer:
* The Artic is ice-free for half the year.
* Opening the legendary north-west passage for ships.
* Tens of thousands of homes around the Bay of Bengal are flooding. * Hurricanes begin hitting the South Atlantic.
* Servere droughts in the Western US causing shortages global grain and meat markets. 2 Degrees Warmer:
* Greenland glaciers are disappearing.
* So much ice has melted, polar bears struggle to survive. * Insects migrate in strange new directions
* As a temperate climate moves north in the US, pine beetles kill off the white bark forests. * Grizzly bears cease source of food in the fall.
* New forests take route in Canada’s new melting tundra. * The Pacific Islands of Tuvalu are lost beneath the rising tides of global warming.

3 Degrees Warmer:
* The Artic is ice-free all summer.
* The Amazon rainforest is drying out.
* Snowcaps on the Alps all disappear.
* The Mediterranean and parts of Europe wither in searing summer heat.

4 Degrees Warmer:
* Oceans rise overtaking heavily populated deltas home to a billion people * Bangladesh – washed away
* Egypt- inundated
* Venice – submerged
* Glaciers disappear, shutting off the flow of fresh water to billions more * Northern Canada becomes one of the planets most bountiful agriculture zones * The entire west Antarctic ice sheet could collapse sending the sea level to rise even further.

5 Degrees Warmer:
* Two massive uninhabitable zones spread into one temperate regions of the Northern and Southern hemispheres. * Los Angeles, Cairo, Lima, Bombay – are drying out
* Climate refugees number in the hundred of millions

6 Degrees Warmer:
* From a distance, the ocean may appear bright blue but they are marine wastelands. * Deserts march over continents
* Natural disasters become common events
* Some of the world’s great cities are...
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