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Topics: Iraq War, President of the United States, World War II Pages: 2 (667 words) Published: April 29, 2013
What Is the Purpose?
Ashley James
English 1301
Instructor: Kevin Tynan

What Is the Purpose?
Americans are unwanted and have allies through force, influence, and dominance. In both documentaries the message was clear. The message is basically saying that America has fought for control, their personal gain, and not for the reasons they tell the citizens. Both documentaries try to inform or give a certain prospective on how the American government and military operate and in depth how certain wars were started, ended, and some are still continuing. Why are Americans fighting? Is it power, greed, strength, freedom, peace, liberty, or is it a combination of all that drives Americans to engage in war. Americans are raised to believe that the definition of elite and good is America. It is also the belief that other countries have to become Americanized in other to function and display a fraction of the American version of freedom, peace, and liberty. Although it is great to have that level of love and confidence in one self, it is also great to realize that everyone cannot and will not be on the same level or feel the same way about an issue. As a country it is felt that the only way to bring about peace is to bring about democracy in every country and the only way to achieve that is to fight and take over everyone of difference. America to Americans is nothing more than a bully. The government tells their people that they are fighting for freedom and liberty, but how can the government fight for something that has already been obtained? America fights to prove a point to other countries and that point being that America is the symbol of power and good and will defend its people and change those who have chosen to be against the American way of life.

In the documentary “Why We Fight” Jarecki explores why America goes to war and why we have been at war every decade since Eisenhower left office. The documentary alone attempts to...
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