Our Thoughts Struggles in Life Can Be with Ourselves

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  • Published : April 28, 2013
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The lessons we learn affect our future

Some people may say the lessons that we learn today will not affect our future. In my point of view, I disagree this statement. The lessons are not only the lessons that we learn from school, on the other hands, their can be the lessons that we learn from society. I thinks most of us have been to be a volunteer. Being volunteer is a wonderful experience, is also a very good lessons that we learn from society. hose

When I was in 9, my parents and I went to the orphanage to helped those orphans. At that time, I used to like a princess. I had loving family and friends. I can do what i want and didn’t need to worried about everything because my parents did everything for me. Compared with those orphans, I was a lucky girl. However, before I went to the orphanage, I never realized that.

We reached the orphanage, I surprised that so many children lived in one room, and the children from there just wore shabby old clothes. I was thinking about myself. I have a individual room, I have a comfortable bed and colorful wallpaper and etc. I never know how lucky I am. Then, I led them to the ground and played games with them. Some of them were so poor, they cannot played with us because they had some disorders. I was trying hard to make happy with them. During the break, I told the story that I read from my Green’s Fairy Tales. They were so focus on my story, and I were so happy that I can made them happy. After I finish told the tales, they were still immersed in interesting story. I were amazed that they listened the fairy tales hardly, so I decided to donate some fairy books for them afterward. Additionally, I had a lunch with those little friends. It’s time to went home, but I wanted to stay there for a while and showed them more interesting things. Finally, I promised them that I will go there afterward.

In the way home, dad asked me about my feeling of them. I said I realized how lucky I am and I won’t complain something....
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