Our Spiritual Growth

Topics: Spirituality, God, Theology Pages: 4 (1592 words) Published: November 15, 2010
How do I know that I am growing up spiritually?

First of all, if we want to know whether we are growing up spiritually or not, we must know what the meaning of growing spiritually is. Spirituality is our human capacity for God which allows us to recognise God or the movement of God in our lives and, in the light of this recognition and experience of God, our lived response to God (quoted from SF from the heart pdf). We can define growing up spiritually as the processes when our human capacity to recognize, experience, and response to God is increasing and we much more love and value God as our partner of marriage. The processes are through the steps how we encounter God, what we know of God, and how we love God.

The first step of spiritual growth is the experience, how we encounter God. It is the starting point when Jesus comes to us and we meet him spiritually. He wants us to discover him. There are many ways for Jesus to come into people’s lives and it may be different for each people. This step is a must as the beginning of our spiritual growth. For me, I experienced it when I was in second grade of my Junior High School. This is the story when I encountered God. I was born in a Christian family and since was child I went to the church at the Sunday school and continued to the teenagers. But I considered it as a routine; I just came to the church because my parents told me to go there. I thought Christianity is just a religion for formality. But I always had question in my mind, what will it be if I die? What will I fell? How and why I in this world? I kept that question unanswered. Time after time, when I at second grade of Junior High School, my friends is starting their ministry in their church and being like different persons. I wondered how can they can be liked that. Coincidentally, my church was going to perform baptism for the people who haven’t baptized yet including me. I thought I will get the answer of my unanswered questions and my...
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