Our Society vs. the Hunger Games

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Our Society VS. The Hunger Games

Now in the film The Hunger Games there are a lot of themes that mirrored in our society today. First and foremost there is the politics of Panem. The government, or “The Capitol,” is corrupted. Their control over the country “Panem” is very iron like in the fact that they control everything from resources to where you can go and what you can do. After awhile of this the districts get fed up and rebel. The capitol succeeds in quelling this rebellion and then to prevent any more rebellions actions or from being embarrassed, they, the Capitol, ensure their power/superiority over their people through a “holiday” they created called the Hunger Games. The Hunger Games is a fight to the death between two tributes from the twelve districts displayed on a television program which is mandatory and to be enjoyed.

One of the themes that's present in our society and the movie is the obsession with celebrities and fame. I found myself finding a lot of similarities between the Hunger Games contestants and those on shows like American Idol and The Voice. Both have stylists that dress them up to make them look more dazzling and attractive, and both have mentors that help guide them through the process. There is a spectacle of fashion, makeup and style that has gone wild within the “elite class”. The style and fashion of the “elite class”(people who live in the high-tech cities of Panem) seems to be echoed right out of a modern-day parade. People are adorned with bright, excessive clothing and garnishing, and they're painted up in bizarre makeup and hair color. They literally prance around like frolicking maniacal members of royalty, and they experience great joy from causing others to suffer. The government-worshipping elite class see themselves as intellectually superior to everyone else, yet they lack any real-world skills. They also lack anything resembling ethics, and they...
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