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  • Published : March 25, 2013
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Dick Dela Cruz 9/15/10
Period 3 AP US History
Over the course of America’s history many events and people have influenced the growth and development of our society. Our early society was founded on pursuit of religious freedom and affected by our interpretations and views on religion’s role in our social and political lives. Both the Puritan’s and the Great Awakening were great influences in American society with women and minority rights, religious diversity, and town meetings. Women and minorities generally did not have any or many rights and protection. The great awakening contributed to women’s rights as before in religious society they merely represented the Christian symbol of piety. But resulting from the Great Awakening they were given the right to speak and vote in church meetings. From this some even presided over meetings that included men. Because of the emphasis on piety over intellectual learning as the key to gods grace many minorities went and combined some of their traditions with Christianity which led to black Protestantism. Both affects should be noted as women’s rights and minorities rights were expanded somewhat more. And could be seen as one of the catalysts for later drives by both to increases their liberties and rights. Religion was an important aspect of our early history as the pursuit of religious ideals and beliefs shaped many facets of our society. With a new outlook on religion and its role in our lives and varying beliefs many religious groups took off during the Great Awakening. Each had different views on the role of religion and how to integrate it into our lives and even experienced it differently then they would have before. Leading to several different religious denominations that still exist today. Our pledge of allegiance is one such example of how religion influenced our development. As such because of such religious diversity stemmed ethnic diversity as different peoples came to America for...
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