Our Socialized Selves

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  • Published : May 7, 2012
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Our Socialized Selves

Socialization can be described as the process in which an individual who is a part of a certain society learns to interact with others. A dynamic part of socialization would be social forces that help shape one's way of interacting with others. These social forces are class, culture and institution.  Socialization and social forces impact one's decision of education, life style, friends and even the most personal choice of a marriage partner. In the majority of societies, parents do not regulate marriage. However, it still holds true that marriage is not entirely "personal" even without any parental intervention. Culture is a social force; it contains values and morals we are taught in the process of socialization. These values and morals are also usually accompanied with certain norms that are attached to culture. Values and morals include things like respecting the elderly, having certain principles and are usually accompanied with norms like dress codes and manners of speaking to adults. For example in Egypt, where I was born, women are often expected to dress modestly with skirts and dresses under the knee and young children cannot talk back to their parents. In fact, my 36 years old uncle doesn't smoke in front of my dad up until this day as a sign of respect to his older brother. Also, it is largely assumed that marrying within the same culture will facilitate the communication process between spouses and therefore construct a happier marriage. Culture also defines social and gender roles and can affect the careers an individual pursues. For example, women are more likely to go into nursing as opposed to engineering while men are more likely to go into construction as opposed to social work. Class is another social force; we are often born into a specific class and usually strive to move up to a higher class. However, most people remain in the same social class. The class we are born into often determines...
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