Our so Called High School Life

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Being a teenager is very nice especially when you’re in High School. When i was still in elementary level, i was excited to enter high school life. It was hard for me to adjust in my first year. I regret being in high school, that’s what I’ve told myself on that time. As time goes by, it changes. I was enjoying my first, second, third and fourth year in high school. “As you get older, you get a harder work”. That’s true in a good way. Life is just LIFE. And everything changes. Sometimes in high school, you will experience some misunderstanding with your friends or even with your teacher. Well that’s just the life of a high school student.

Looking back, I admit I did not make the most of my high school life. Sometimes I had been a disobedient student. I hurt some of my friends. I was not able to be the person that I can be. I missed a lot. There are many things I should have done, which may result to a better outcome, because sometimes I was too blind to see that I gave more priorities on the less important things. Yet in spite of all the things, I still want and will say I had the best time of my life. Experience is said to be the greatest teacher, and I strongly believe that. I had been through a lot during my high school years. There were many times when I was down. There were many times when I was emotionally hurt. There were many times when I stumble and fall, and barely could stand up again. But the lesson is, one cannot learn how to stand up and be strong unless he/she first fall.

High school life will always be memorable for me, because it is where I truly learned what life is really all about. I learned to cherish the little things I have with my loved ones. I learned to be contented whatever I have right now. I learned how to stand still and be strong no matter what life throws at me. I learned how to respect, care, and love the people around me, and lastly, the most significant one, which surely I will bring with me for the rest of my...
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