Our Sense of Reality Is Never the Same as Others

Topics: Anzac Day, Novel, Writing Pages: 3 (851 words) Published: June 17, 2012
Statement of Intention: ‘Our sense of reality is never the same as others’ suggests the nature of developed psychological mindsets that people build through the course of life, and the factors that influence this mindset to alter one persons perception of reality. This expository essay aims to inform and explain, using three different points of evidence that link back to the contending argument. The intended audience are Students and Adults that are assumed to be educated that would be reading a newspaper or magazine exert, assuming that the audience would have little prior knowledge to the related topic. The language used in the essay aims for a level of sophistication that the reader would expect. The essay draws on Michael Frayns ‘Spies’ Novel which provides examples on how different perspectives hold different views on reality, along with a couple of other points of evidence.

Our version of events is never always true. People interpret different events and happenings differently based on their upbringing; values, beliefs, experiences, family, friends etc. These things shape us and define is but ultimately they can often cloud our perception so no two realities can ever be the same. Not one individual is biologically identical or psychologically identical, nor does one individual live an identical life to another, our reality is subject to change as we develop as a human being, mentally, physically and spiritually.

The idea of one persons reality never being identical to any others, along with the concept of mental and biological differences is constantly exposed to us throughout the novel ‘Spies’ by Michael Frayn. In the novel where a character named Keith who had always seemed to adopt a ‘Domineering’ persona against ‘Stephen’ who was a vulnerable young child with little social interest at school. Keith may have adopted this persona from his father who was ignorant of his son and only had seemed to communicate with him when he needed something, or he...
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