Our Past, Our Future & Vision for America

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  • Published : October 5, 2010
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Our Past, Our Future & Vision for America
Taking back America speech by Barack Obama was inspirational speech and was thought out very well. He had touch every important point in his speech that made me even want take charge of the vision for America. There was no flaw’s in his speech. I feel that Obama brought the right approach to say “My friends, we meet here today at a time where we find ourselves at a crossroads in America's history.” Then went on to where he said, “we would visit every spot in America to reach everyone whose concern about its government activity, economy, and social issues.” He also covered important parts on why we all should get involve and not let the government fix the problems but we “the people” should help also. He showed a lot of strength in this part of his speech, which I thought was very touching point in his speech. I cant really find any weaknesses in this speech because Obama had put this speech together so well to the point where there was no flaws and he cover every point like going back to Americas past explaining a story about a 105 year women experiences all types of wars, civil rights acts, and etc. He also covered our future and the vision for America since that technology has change the world so much we are becoming more in danger and less likely to get adjusted to the new changes unless we come together an help every individual to have faith and courage to continue their dreams and goals.
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