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Topics: Seizure, Electroencephalography, Neurology Pages: 1 (260 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Emilio gonzalez 8-3 Science news article

Electronic skin

The research method used for this article is evidence from movies and or video games to let us know what its really used for. For example and I quote ’’Placed on a forehead, the device can record brainwaves; on the wrist, blood flow and muscle movement. On the skin of sick patients, it can track vital signs and watch for problems, replacing the bulky equipment usually found in hospitals. And stuck to the throat, it can function as a secret cell phone, activated by the movements of a person’s voice box.’’

The procedures used in this article like Scientists who design devices for the body for instance Skin-based, or epidermal, electronic systems stick to the skin like temporary tattoos. Attached to the head, they can pick up electrical signals from the brain or body

The results are scientists have found a way to extend the technology deeper than the body’s surface. In 2010, they introduced an electrical plastic wrap that can be attached to a person’s heart during open-heart surgery. Electronic circuits and instruments record blood flow and electric current, which means the material can alert doctors to hidden problems with a patient’s ticker. The team has already shown that a device attached to the surface of the brain can capture the electrical signals of an epileptic seizure.

The solution of this article is there is endless waves of tech coming our way. Even though we don’t know what it is it will hit us sometime in the future
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