Our Memories

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  • Published : May 9, 2011
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Our memories are they key of our lives, the good and the bad both make you what you are and who you are. There are happy memories for example: your first kiss or that day that you had fun with your family and your first dog. Although along with good there is bad, which means there are bad or horrible memories like a love one that pass away or that time you lied because you broke your mom base. Now image all your bad memories those memories that made make you a stronger person getting erase to a pill that you take

Bad Memories are what make you who you are; they make you a stronger character. This all experiences that you had in life are always meant for a reason; for example if you fell in a dark hole when you were 8 and broke your leg, you might start watch your steps because you know you got hurt last time and you don’t want to get hurt again. If you erase that memory you would not know what to be careful of and you will fall in that same hole and break your leg once more. Or walking on a ally by your self not much protection and you get beaten and your stuff get stolen know lets imagine you take the pill and erase it, you would not know that you got beaten at all or witch ally was it and again you are going to get beaten and your stuff stolen aging. I feel really strongly about erasing your bad memories, is like taking a half of your life away.

Know lets see if you see Something horrible but did not experience it like for example: ass a kid you saw your mom getting hit and your dad was an alcohol addicted, you wouldn’t want your kids to grow up and see what you had to see right? Or if you saw a woman get in a car accident and the was cause that she was under the influence of drugs and alcohol if it were me I would look at her and feel bad and hope not to go trew the same thing and not only hope. All my bad memories make me and make me only. I have live threw betrays, disapprovals and suffer as a little girl and a teenager. Those things have made me...
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